Is technology embeded in social behaviour?

Posted on 5 Αυγούστου , 2006


Do you know why things are really happening in people’s life’s…? Well nobody does and every time somebody claims so with a believable myth, communities declare him god; which of course he is not. 

Recently, it came in my attention a very interesting analysis that I am prohibited to reproduce. A good friend of mine sent it to me as a gift to open my mind in today’s reality… 

I will not reproduce it but I will state my thoughts on it. In few words, the story is that technology embeds itself in social behaviour eroding institutional power; which eventually provides power to the masses. 

Don’t we observe in our everyday life that individuals increasingly take cues from one another rather than from institutional sources like corporations, media outlets, religions, and political bodies? Don’t you think that companies must abandon top-down management and communication tactics, weave communities into their products and services, use employees and partners as marketers, and become part of a living fabric of brand loyalists? Don’t you think that the political parties should do the same in order to wake up from the long sleep that power and corruption has led them to?  

It seems that customer driven innovation will shift from top-down to bottom-up and economies, which have based their fundamental economic principals to the scarce of resources and proprietary products rules, will have to deal with the liberated customers. In such case: value will shift from ownership to experience, a competence difficult to be duplicated, shifting in parallel the power from institutions to communities.

It means that communities and final customers declare the war…? yes indeed… they do so since in the above mentioned environment creating value means relinquishing control. And since truth, identity, and reality are tough to find… this will be a difficult and long road for politicians, marketers, strategists, service providers, and vendors.

I believe that this is one of the right timings in the course of history for things to happen and for new leaders to emerge, in all kind of perspectives. And those leaders should belong to now and here, and they need to straggle with contemporary means rewriting the principals of the global equilibriums. Even though societies have used to participate or observe changes in a long, painful and slow pace hopefully this “social computing” will lead them to increase the pace to their limits… 



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