Dedicated to those who were given birth before 1980!!!

Ιουνίου 14, 2006

0   The truth is that I do not know how we managed to survive all these years. We are the pending generation, we lived our childhood waiting for: two hours after eating to swim, two hours midday sleep to get rest, and during Sundays we should wait foodless until we were given the Eucharist. Even when […]

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Is television news reality a bitch… or it is just screwing everybody…?

Ιουνίου 13, 2006

0   What I will try to describe in the following paragraphs is a consideration of the television journalism and news casting, which describe the nowadays TV regime. And I am starting from this word ‘regime’. As wikipedia explains: A regime (occasionally spelled «régime», particularly in older texts) denotes any system of social control, or more […]

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Corporate values and vision

Ιουνίου 12, 2006

0   It has been concluded that people within an organization share common values however, most of the time this is done unconsciously. Core values can be the strong belief in “cooperation and trust within the organization”, the desire for “hard work and continuous self-improvement”, the “focus on innovation” or the “results orientation”. Each company can […]

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The future of marketing for a company’s international strategy

Ιουνίου 9, 2006

0  Author: Apostolos Tsorakis  Marketing is the function which stimulates the demand for the company’s products. A social definition of marketing system describe it as a societal process by which persons and groups acquire what they seek through creating, offering, and exchanging products and services of value freely with others. Peter Drucker, a leading management […]

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Conceptual frameworks of Power in organizations

Ιουνίου 8, 2006

0  Author: Apostolos Tsorakis The concept of human societies and human organizations entails the concept of power in a wide range of interpretations. Power is seen as the ability to influence, an ability to affect, an ability to mobilize, a capacity to exert influence, the ability to employ sanctions and so on. There is a […]

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Change, family business, television

Ιουνίου 7, 2006

0  Author: Apostolos Tsorakis  The Television Business and contemporary trends The television operations can be modeled, according to Slack et al (1995), as the processing of input transformed resources such as: sitcoms, one hour dramas, live shows, news, and sports etc. which are being utilized by the input transforming resources such as: studios, cameras, staff, […]

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TV News

Ιουνίου 6, 2006

0  Television news is awash in a sea of change brought about by disruptive innovations in technology. In order to see the real future, one must step away from the forest and get away from all the noise, because these changes are really all about people, and not merely the technology. Our culture is changing, […]

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